I contacted Tracy with the hopes that she could help me with a very intimate project in which a symbol and text were burnt onto an urn and wooden chest. Both the urn and chest were built by my husband and stepfather in memory of the son we lost after birth, so this project meant the world to us. Tracy went above and beyond what I could have ever hoped for during such a difficult project. She helped us brainstorm ideas, was incredibly detail-oriented and put as much love into the project as we did. This is a project my husband and I will cherish forever, and Tracy made this possible with her diligent effort to perfect what we had in mind. We highly recommend Tracy’s services for anyone looking for quality wood burning, and will most certainly use her services again in the future to come.

Cassandra & Paul
In Loving Memory of Dragan Elias

Tracy Partridge-Johnson


I have been hand burning art and lettering onto wood and leather for more than twenty years. The process is very labor-intensive...first hand-transferring the graphic/photo and/or words onto the surface to be burned, then burning the outline, followed by hand-shading the rest of the piece. Some clients prefer the "old school" look of using just the burning tool alone to create varied sepia tones in the piece, others prefer spot color or even a full-color photo reproduction. I always take my time, knowing the work I am doing, in many cases, represents a cherished memorial or sincere message of thanks and appreciation. If you want a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted treasure, then know that I will personally create something I hope you will love. I also offer a selection of more cost-effective, laser-engraved items you may wish to order in bulk quantity, such as coasters, etc. Please do let me know what you need and I'll do my very best to make sure you get just what you're looking for, at the best possible price.